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Produce Wars (XBLIG) imminent!

2012-12-06 15:48:39 by gigaloth

View the preview trailer here.

Gigaloth Games would like to announce our upcoming independent game "Produce Wars", which will be available soon on the XBOX Live Indie Games Marketplace and PC via Steam Greenlight.

And it's only going to be one dollar.

Normally, for you Newgrounds folks, this wouldn't really be big news. However, the game's soundtrack is completely done by none other than Newgrounds' own Waterflame (c'mon, you know who he is...Castle Crashers, bro). Even if you don't give two farts about us or our game, you KNOW that Waterflame is straight-up Newgrounds platinum. When the game goes live, every download directly supports your favorite Norwegian.

That said, the game isn't crap either. We've done everything in our power to make sure Produce Wars has quality, fun, and character, and we hope our trailer reflects the effort we've put into the game to make sure the player (that's YOU, blockhead) gets a great gaming experience for minimal investment. So even if you don't give two farts about Waterflame either (you heartless cur!), the game is still worth a buck - trust us.

While the Gigaloth NG account is relatively new, the members of our team have been long-time members and supporters of Newgrounds games, music, videos, and artwork. We have great appreciation for the users and community that comprise NG because, well, we are part of it!

Thanks for reading, and please leave us feedback if you get the chance!

Produce Wars (XBLIG) imminent!


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